Jasmine Goare

When did you get started with music?

Basically, when I was probably in second grade. My dad he’s like big in the music industry in Lima. And he like went to Nashville before I was even born. And he was like, traveling with a band that actually made it on the radio. And they were like, getting pretty close to like, top like, they were like, they were on Toledo radio, they were on Lima radio, they’re doing really well. And, um, he got married to my mom. And he went to Nashville for a bit, but then they both moved back here.

So I knew about a vocal booth when I was like six because he made his own vocal vocal booth in the basement. And he like insulated it with like mattress foam. And we recorded Go go Power Rangers, my sister. And we thought it was so cool. Like he had it on VHS, and we would just listen to it over and over.

We were messing with his equipment before we even knew what it was. And my sister kind of branched off into sports a little bit more. I mean, we’ve always listened to music, like avidly like all kinds of different types of music. But, um, I think it was like in second grade when I like picked up like a solo for something. And he actually pulled strings so that he could be at the school show and do the sound for it. But I was like, so quiet that I think he pulled it up so quickly that it like fed back through the whole soul because it was only like, one line. But like, which is fine with me because it made me less nervous. I mean, nobody could hear it. So it was it was okay.

When did you know you wanted to pursue music?

This was before I was really doing a lot of lead I mean I did lead in minor blues and everything but with the vital season we went to New York and we decided to go on tour with not much i mean we had a minivan and we had to sleep in there a couple times and really have places to shower but baby wipes so we played at this place called fat baby in New York

No one else was there and we’re like wow it’s getting out of crunch time there’s like no one in here and so we all got a drink and we went outside and we just started screaming on the streets we’re like we’re from lima like we traveled all the way here come see us like and try to get people to come in had like these little mini flyers and everything so we were those guys.

Then a big group of people showed up like right before we started our first song and we’re like yes okay so we got this huge group of people in there and for the most part they’re like not really paying attention and they’ll like look back every once in a while but there was a song that i did with cat and it was like really magical and I had like my violin part on it was when we met and she played the guitar on it and it was like one of my lead vocal songs and I feel like I just really got into that song anyway there was like a feel to it for sure and i started singing and then everybody kind of like flipped around and stopped what they were doing and then just like intently like watched and i was like this is like insane like I’ve never had this before you know when it’s like a really intimate setting and like people are just like staring and listening you have their full attention it’s a crazy feeling is like very vulnerable.

I was like wow I can’t imagine not doing this like and before i had my doubts I was like you know maybe I’m not cut out for this like we had so many run ins with like flat tire and like nowhere to sleep and Like I don’t love this, I like sleeping in my bed I like I don’t know, I’m not a go with the flow type of person. And I feel like that whole trip made me a go with the flow type of person. I was like, why am I like so stressed about the details when I can’t change anything? And that moment on stage I was like, never felt that, like, never felt that was amazing.

What are you working on these days at Legacy?

What I want to do, releasing this album, is just make people feel like warm, and like happy and like, realize that there are artists, and some of them are your friends or neighbors and like they exist, and they have like, all this work to show you and you just got to give it a chance. Like just one chance like, not just like five seconds of a song. Just listen through a song. Like one time, maybe even more if you have the patience. And like, you might be surprised that there’s so many talents just around you. It’s not just people on Instagram that live in California and have millions of dollars already. Like there’s so much going on. And I don’t know, I want people to relate. That’s, I think what anybody can hope for when they write music, I want them to relate and I want them to feel what I feel and maybe even paint a different picture. That’s really cool too when they can get an idea of a song. And it’d be a completely different entity than the original idea I thought of. And I think that’s what the musicians in here Do all Already, I mean, they give a completely different feel. And it changes the perspective of the song. I mean, it can take it from a completely different scene. Because when I, when I write music, I almost ny listen to music, I have, like a visual scene and a, like a feeling, it gives you like a certain feeling of being in a certain place. It’s like a sensory thing. And when somebody else adds a piece to the music, it changes the whole scene. So I can’t imagine what it’d be like as a finished product listening back and like where it’s at, with, like, virgin ears that have never listened to it before. Because we’ve listened to it so many times we have like, we have our scene painted for the most part. But just to have that blank canvas, where you listening to it for the first time and like, see what they feel or how they feel.

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